Days that make you go whew.

What. A. Day. Today we hopped a train up to Florence. We unexpectedly took a short tour of Florence, which included the Duomo and Ponte Vecchio, all to arrive at church 20 minutes later than we could have. It was a nice walk, no one complained, the kids got ice cream, and we still made it to church with time to spare. The Euphoria Gospel choir (which you should all check out, because they are precious to my heart) was at the church in Florence today. How convenient for us. Today was such a blessing to get to spend the day with our church from Naples. 


Probably one of my favorite things from Naples, and definitely one of the things that gave me sanity and rest, was the choir at my church. I whole heartedly and passionately sang and danced my little tail off with that choir. It wasn’t about being good. It was about enjoying what we were doing. I was able to worship in my language and dance while doing it. I needed that choir when I was in Naples. Every time I come back to Italy I look forward to hearing them and getting to sing with them. Today I got to sing with them. 🙂


After the 3 hour service that seemed to linger on and on and even required a few shushing commands from the pastor, the church was transformed into a dinning hall and we then enjoyed a 3 hour Agape lunch. The courses just continued to come and ended with at least 7 different desserts being passed around. True Italian fashion. It was so sweet to spend the day with people that have a special place in my heart. 


Thus far I have managed to blog everyday. I am afraid that will have to come to an end. At the end of this week the teams of Americans start flying in and who knows when and if I will have internet access or time to blog. Not to mention, tomorrow I am heading down to Naples for the night. So…… the blog shall continue when I return. 


As I’m sitting in bed with no air conditioner, steaming heat, the window open and the fan attempting to create air flow, I am reminded of something very important after today. 


Doctrine and theology are of utmost importance. 


Believer, when we begin to be ok with living lives that are inconsistent with God’s Word and it’s teachings, we have gone wrong. Please do not be afraid to evaluate. Please do not get so caught up in tradition that it trumps truth. Hold fast to what the bible says. It is not up for question.

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